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10 Best tactics to grab & retain the customer attention in 2021
By on March 4, 2021


As the human attention span drops further (now down to 8 seconds), we realize it’s becoming harder to pay attention. Especially since the pandemic forced millions to work from home, your..

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Top 5 sales closing techniques to close more deals in 2021
By on February 25, 2021

Closing sales is the ‘make or break’ step that means time lost or revenue earned. There are several reasons why a deal doesn’t close. To start with, 1/3rd of salespeople feel closing sales..

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Why and how to analyze customer sentiment on sales calls
By on February 18, 2021

Not even trained professionals can claim to make a 100% accurate assessment of human sentiment. Effective methods like reading body language and facial expressions too fail when..

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Why context should be the holy grail during a sales call
By on February 11, 2021

People see the world through their own lens. To change the way your customers look at things, you need to give them the perspective you have through context setting.

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Your product pitch isn’t about your product
By on February 4, 2021

In a recent review with one of our clients, we made a startling discovery. Our client is an EdTech company that creates virtual learning programs for children in school and sells them to..

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Need Discovery: why it’s the need of the hour for any sales call
By on January 28, 2021

Sarah is a senior sales executive for a popular marketing automation tool. She’s on a call with Mike, who heads marketing for a software company called Up Tech.

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Why chatbots don’t work for sales teams
By on January 21, 2021

Looking to update the tech stack for your sales team? Don’t make the mistake of confusing chatbots for conversational intelligence. They’re the proverbial apples and oranges. Here are the..

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5 key sales tips to transition from field sales to inside sales
By on January 14, 2021

A new world order seems to be emerging in the midst of the raging coronavirus. One of the most interesting outcomes of the new faceless contactless world is how enterprise sales are being..

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Covid - Democratising Saas enterprise sales for startups
By on January 7, 2021

Enterprise selling is an expensive affair.  It requires high quality sales teams connecting the dots across a wide range of functions within an organization - apart from your championing..

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Post COVID Sales - Shift from relationship sales to ROI sales?
By on December 31, 2020

There is an exquisite conversation in the TV series Mad Men between Roger Sterling, long time account man and his finance head, Lane who is trying to meet a potential customer for dinner to..

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