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Your Enterprise Software Sales Guide (With Examples)
By on January 18, 2022

Enterprise software sales is tough. There are tons of big players out there who have already mastered the art of enterprise software sales. But that should not stop you from looking for new..

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Impact of a Good Sales Pitch During Difficult Times
By on January 11, 2022

Are you being empathetic while making a sales pitch? Remember that selling your products/services is not your ultimate goal. Sales reps should also focus on building long-term relationships with..

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6 Tips To Become Exceptional In SaaS Sales | Salesken
By on January 6, 2022

Software-as-a-service or SaaS companies host their cloud-based applications over the internet and allow their customers to use them. The global SaaS sector is growing fast and is expected to reach

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How Customer Insights Increase Your Conversion Rate
By on January 5, 2022

The only way to stand out in today’s extremely competitive business landscape is by creating an exceptional customer experience. For this, you need a unique tool to exceed customers’ expectations..

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Why AI Is The Future Of  Sales Communication
By on December 20, 2021

When it comes to sales communication, verbal and non-verbal communication are equally important. In fact, 93% of communication today is non-verbal. So, if you don’t focus on conveying the right..

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Sales Prospecting Guide & Techniques To Book More Deals
By on December 14, 2021

Have you ever invested hours trying to convince a lead only to learn they don’t even have a requirement? It’s every salesperson’s biggest nightmare and a complete waste of your time, energy, and..

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Why Sales Data Analysis Is Crucial to Better Decision Making
By on December 9, 2021

Historically, sales success has relied on intuition and subjectivity.  Sales reps conduct in-depth research on prospects and then chase the most suitable fits. This process relies on trial and..

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Sales Growth: Metrics To Track And Measure KPIs
By on December 7, 2021

Every business should focus on building a data-driven sales growth strategy. That means, before you build a new set of sales strategies, make sure that your existing sales strategies are driving..

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7 Key Components of Sales Process Automation
By on December 1, 2021

Did you know that sales reps spend only 35.2% of their time on selling? In fact, intentionally or unintentionally, the majority of their time is spent on non-sales activities like research and..

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Sales Volume: What It Is And 15 Ways To Increase It
By on November 26, 2021

Assume that you have developed a new product and it’s ready to launch in the market. You probably also have a sales and marketing strategy in place to distribute and promote the product. You’ve..

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