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7 SMART Selling Goals for Sales Teams
By on August 24, 2021

If you’re a sales professional, you’re already aware of the importance of SMART sales goals. Setting the right sales goals is imperative to assess your performance. In this article, we’ll pinpoint..

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AI in Sales - How AI is transforming Sales in 2021.
By on August 18, 2021

“AI is in the ‘golden age’ and solving problems that were once in the realm of sci-fi.” -  Jeff Bezos

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8 ways to harness the power of use cases to close the hardest deals
By on August 6, 2021

The digitally connected modern buyer has various ways to gather information that will influence their purchasing decisions. To seal the deal with this type of customer, a sales rep needs to adopt..

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Do These things for a Less Awkward Conversation about Price
By on July 30, 2021

“How much does it cost?” is the most dreaded question that sales reps face during sales calls. A survey conducted by leading CRM software firm HubSpot indicated that overcoming price objections..

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9 Sales Call Best Practices that will Level Up Your Remote Sales
By on July 20, 2021

Right after the pandemic hit, sales reps all over the world were forced to adapt virtual selling techniques.

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What is the Best Time and Day to Make Sales Calls?
By on July 14, 2021

Data is gold in today’s digital age. While companies can’t bear the cost of losing valuable data, the same goes for sales reps. It is imperative to update your contacts and gather as much..

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How to Sell Against the Competition
By on July 8, 2021

If you’re a sales professional or someone who is planning to make it BIG in the sales domain, one of the first skills that you need to master is the art of selling against the competition. A sales..

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G2's Summer 2021 Report - Conversation Intelligence Category
By on July 6, 2021

The G2 Summer Reports are out.  And Salesken has won it big, again. We have been ranked as G2 Momentum Leader (Summer 2021) for the first time.

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Sales Pipeline Analysis: Top 5 Metrics to Track
By on June 29, 2021

Sales organizations are the heart of many businesses across the world. It is essential for such organizations to visualize their sales efforts. Without proper visibility into your sales..

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How to get the most out of your introductory sales call in 2021
By on June 21, 2021

An introductory sales call with a potential client can be like a first date with a person you’re interested in. It can make or break your case, as it’s your first and most important chance..

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